We offer transcription, audio and video recording and dubbing services.
Transcription of video and audio files
We provide full service for the transcription of your audio /video files. Whether a recording of a meeting, an interview, an audio report, a report or any other file, we carry out the transcription so that you keep a written record of it.
Audio and video recording
We also have many resources for audio and video recording and dubbing.
We prepare your video and dialogue extraction, then oversee the studio recording by native speaking actors (with the possibility for you to choose from a wide variety of voices), mixing, and encoding.
We process all file formats (mp3, wav, avi, mov …) and we are able to translate your audio files and videos into more than 150 languages. Our teams of professionals respect the confidentiality of your files and ensure you quality work within a reasonable time.
As with all the services we offer, we are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and quality.

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Côte d’Ivoire

Phone :
+225 27 33 72 58 74 / 07 58 66 55 38
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