We offer quality interpreting services in different forms (consecutive, simultaneous, liaison, whispering) in several areas of expertise (literature, administration, science, jurisdiction, technology, business, medicine) for more than 150 languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese etc.), thanks to our team of professional interpreters.
The different forms of interpreting, depending on the situation:
Simultaneous Interpretation: The interpreter's voice covers that of the speaker. Simultaneous interpretation is the fastest form and consists of the oral translation of an address or intervention as it unfolds. The interpreters work in pairs in booths and deliver the speaker’s speech in real time. Infrared receivers enable participants to listen to the interpreters in the language of their choice. This type of interpretation requires the installation of complete sound equipment and the presence of a technician for the entire duration of the meeting. This form of interpretation is particularly appropriate for multilingual conferences, congresses and workshops ;
Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter translates at regular intervals after the guest speakers have delivered their speech. Consecutive interpreting consists of speaking after a key speaker or guest speaker at the end of the speech or address, in order to translate their message into another language. Theoretically , consecutive interpreting does not require any material;
Liaison interpreting: The interpreter acts as a liaison during a conversation between several people who speak different languages;
Whispered interpreting: The whispering or whispered interpretation consists of whispering the interpretation into the participant’s ear.
It is with the greatest rigor that we select our interpreters, according to their specialties, their knowledge and their profile, in order to guarantee you a quality interpretation.

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