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You have to submit the report of a project or any other document, but you do not have a professional editor.
We offer you the writing or rewriting of your technical documentation. We can do the graphical illustration and the layout of documents, with or without translation.
Having worked in this field for several years, we offer you the widest range of editing services, as well as the best quality-price ratio for manual writing, in a non-duplicated and optimized way for an optimal referencing of your documents.
We also have all the resources needed to handle huge volumes of editing orders. Our editors master over 200 different topics in order to bring real expertise to their writings, and thus meet the needs of our customers, both for the writing of technical content as well as for the writing of SEO-oriented content or a journalistic writing.
For each service, we put a point of honor to communicate the process that will allow the smooth running of your project. From the creation of the specifications, to the briefing of the editors, to the editorial line to adopt or the implementation of the planning of deliverables, a dedicated project manager assists you to work hand in hand for a quality service that meets all your expectations.

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Côte d’Ivoire

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+225 27 33 72 58 74 / 07 58 66 55 38
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